About EMS Alpha

We are a Wisconsin based corporation formed in January of 2015. 

Our staff consists entirely of volunteer fire and medical personnel.

Through the course of attending various training and classes, we saw the need to purchase different equipment and accessories that our departments/services did not provide.  Our staff had to purchase items from various sellers, often with issues ordering and non-existent customer support.  Sometimes products did not even show up.  We realized that we can do a better job.

We are passionate about gear and equipment and we sell the same stuff that we use.

EMS Alpha is hard at work trying to establish relationships with various manufacturers and distributors.

If we do not have access to a product you need, we will try to get it for you.  If you need supplies for your service, send us a list of what you typically buy and we will see if we can get you a better price.

We aim to provide quality gear at fair prices.  An order placed with us will be given immediate attention and usually ships the next business day.

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